Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessments are specialized evaluations that look in detail at different types of cognitive skills and how these skills relate to brain functioning. For instance, we may evaluate aspects of thinking such as: new learning and memory, attention, speed of thinking, language skills, perceptual abilities and higher order reasoning skills. Due to their comprehensive nature, neuropsychological assessments can be useful for helping gain a better understanding of a person’s capabilities following an illness or injury and can also assist in diagnosis for people with complex developmental or neurological disorders. One of the goals for these types of assessments is to help provide understanding and education about a patient’s demonstrated abilities and how this might relate to their particular neurological challenges. Suggestions are also offered for strategies that can be used to help in rehabilitation and accommodation for any residual areas of difficulty. Dr. Libben provides neuropsychological assessment services privately and also accepts referrals from attorneys, medical professionals, insurance companies and other agencies who may be seeking an independent expert opinion with regard to the neuropsychological functioning of their clients.