Medical – Legal Assessment

Dr. Libben is pleased to offer comprehensive services to attorneys, insurance companies and others who may be looking for an independent expert opinion with regard to psychological and neuropsychological functioning of their clients. As a trained neuropsychologist, she is available to conduct neuropsychological assessments for clients who have sustained traumatic brain injuries or other acquired neurological disorders.
Because of her Ph.D. level training in both Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, Dr. Libben is able to provide comprehensive assessments with regard to a client’s cognitive, neurobehavioural, emotional and psychological functioning. Dr. Libben is also able to conduct assessments with regard to personality functioning and mood.

In addition, she is able to provide consultation and review of neuropsychological data and reports based on assessments from other professionals. Given her training in psychotherapy, Dr. Libben is also available to provide therapy  services for individuals who have suffered from emotional distress related to their injuries.