Independent Medical

What Is an Independent Medical Examination

Independent Neuropsychological/Psychological Evaluations (IMEs) are objective third-party assessments that evaluate cognitive abilities and/or psychological status.  The purpose of an IME is to conduct a non-biased and comprehensive evaluation on an individual claiming impairment secondary to an illness, injury, or exposure to an event(s).  IMEs are often requested by law firms, and/or insurance companies, and aim to address questions regarding the nature of cognitive and/or psychological functioning, determining the presence of cognitive change and/or psychological symptoms, and the influence of these changes or symptoms on functioning (e.g., daily, social, occupational).

IMEs are often used in disability or personal injury claims.  As such, IMEs are considered legal documents and the evaluation involves a comprehensive review of medical records, extensive testing (including formal measures of performance and symptom validity), personality assessment and verification of symptoms.  The goal of an evaluation is to tease apart complex issues inherent to these cases, including causality, exacerbating factors, confounding variables, non-clinical influences and overall prognosis for recovery.  

What does Dr. Libben Address in a Psychological / Neuropsychological IME

  • Examining the presence of cognitive loss secondary to a traumatic brain injury resulting from accidents, falls, blast injuries, or repeated concussions
  • Assessing the presence and severity of psychological conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder) and their impact on functioning
  • Determining the presence of cognitive impairment secondary to psychological or medical conditions (e.g., chronic pain, CVA, fibromyalgia) and their impact on functioning
  • Ruling in or out non-clinical factors to claims of impairment
  • Making recommendations regarding occupational restrictions or limitations secondary to impairment
  • Making recommendation regarding clinical care to optimize recovery
  • Address any barriers to recovery
  • Providing option regarding prognosis and proximity to maximum medical improvement

Dr. Libben's experience & expertise

Dr. Libben offers IME services within the areas of neuropsychology as well as clinical psychology (psycho-diagnostic). She has over 10 years of experience in conducting disability and medico-legal assessments. In conducting an IME, and completing reports, she follows best practices outlined by the Canadian Academy of Psychologists in Disability Assessment.

IME Request Form

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