Assessment Services

A range of assessment services are offered to assist in understanding cognitive, psychological and neurological conditions.

Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessments are specialized evaluations that look in detail at different types of cognitive skills and how these skills relate to brain functioning. For instance, we may evaluate aspects of thinking such as: new learning and memory, attention, speed of thinking, language skills, perceptual abilities and higher order reasoning skills. Due to their comprehensive nature, neuropsychological assessments can be useful for helping gain a better understanding of a person’s capabilities following an illness or injury and can also assist in diagnosis for people with complex developmental or neurological disorders…

Psychoeducational Assessment

A psycho-educational assessment is made up of two types of testing: psychological assessment and educational assessment. Psychological testing measures learning potential, not what has been learned. Educational assessment measures what has been learned in math, reading, spelling, and other academic areas. A psycho-educational assessment is helpful in examining a number of factors that might influence academic performance.  At times, testing may lead to a diagnosis of a learning disability or attention deficit.  Giftedness or a developmental delay may also become apparent through the assessment…


Psychological / Diagnostic Assessment​

A psychological or diagnostic assessment involves examining the specific characteristics of the disorder as well as alternative or concurrent symptoms. Mental health history and current behaviours/concerns are reviewed, and a variety of measures are administered to determine a diagnosis….