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What we Do...

At LPA we are committed to providing the highest standard of psychotherapy and assessment services. Therapy practices are evidenced-based and focus on the application of cognitively oriented techniques that are tailored to individual clients. Assessment services cover a variety of domains including neuropsychological, diagnostic and psycho-educational specialties.

Therapeutic Approaches

Cognitive behavioural therapy

CBT is an a broad form of therapy that focuses on changing unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. 

Acceptance and commitment therapy

ACT uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies in combination with behavioural change techniques to increase psychological flexibility. 

accelerated resolution therapy

ART is an emerging, efficient intervention for PTSD and other psychological conditions. It is a brief therapy that focuses on memory re-consolidation. 

Dr. Maya Libben - Registered Psychologist

Dr. Maya Libben is a registered psychologist (#2167) in the province of British Columbia, and the founder of Libben Psychological Associates Inc. She conducts individual psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment with adults. Dr. Libben works collaboratively with her clients to develop an integrated approach to treatment that is tailored to the particular life goals and interests of her clients.

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Libben is pleased to offer comprehensive and effective psychological treatment designed to improve functioning and quality of life. Dr. Libben draws from a number of evidenced-based psychological perspectives to best meet the needs of each individual client. With training in both clinical psychology and neuropsychology, Dr. Libben specializes in the following areas:

common questions

In your first therapy session, Dr. Libben will gather information about your background, including any relevant medical or mental health history. You will be asked to describe your current issues or concerns and the length of time you have been experiencing them. You may be asked if you have any goals for your treatment and the coping strategies you have used. By the end of the second session, you will have some basic information about your treatment plan: the approach that will be used and the approximate number of sessions that may be required. You should also have sense of whether there is a good fit between you and Dr. Libben.

Therapy appointments are one hour in length. This includes 50 minutes of face-to-face contact, with the remaining 10 minutes reserved for documentation of your session and treatment planning for subsequent sessions. The 50 minute hour is standard for most psychologists in private practice. Psychological assessments vary in length and details will be discussed in advance of your appointment.

Note that fees for private psychological services are not covered by our provincial health plan (MSP). Direct billing is available for approved ICBC claims only. In all other cases, formal receipts are provided and are often required to obtain coverage from an insurance/extended health benefits plan. Prior to your first appointment, it may be beneficial to consult with your provider to determine your level of coverage.

In general, the information that you share with Dr. Libben during your appointment(s) is confidential. Legally and ethically, your records are protected, and no information is disclosed without your expressed written permission. There are a few exceptions to this rule, some of which are listed below:

  • If a client makes a serious threat to harm themselves or to harm another individual, the law requires Dr. Libben to try to protect you and/or that person. This may involve calling a loved one, calling 911, or the police.

  • If there is suspected child abuse or neglect (or there has been in the past) or abuse/neglect of an older or vulnerable adult, Dr. Libben is required to report this to the appropriate authorities immediately.

  • For clients involved with the criminal justice system, Dr. Libben’s clinical records could be subpoenaed for court.

  • If Dr. Libben is made aware of another health care provider who has acted unethically with a client/patient, she is required to report this to the appropriate regulatory body/authority.


The limits of confidentiality will be included in your intake form to be read prior to your first appointment.

Please note that Dr. Libben is not accepting new clients at this time. The BC College of Psychologists has a regional search tool that can be accessed here.

Information regarding treatment and assessment fees can be found here.

Payments can be made when you arrive at the office for your session. Advance payment is available for both online and telephone bookings. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Free parking is available for clients at 2755 Tutt street. Parkade entrance is located on Osprey Ave. between Richter and Tutt.

Dr. Libben specializes in individual psychotherapy. If couples or family treatment is required a referral can be made to a therapist who specializes in these domains.

In general, you do not need a referral from your family physician to see a psychologist. However, should your extended medical plan include coverage for psychological services, your insurance provider may require a referral letter prior to beginning treatment.